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The Bulletin of Primitive Technology is proud to announce 4 publications that have been complied from the pages of the Bulletin: Primitive Technology I: A Book of Earth Skills by David Wescott, Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills by David Wescott, Practicing Primitive: A Handbook of Aboriginal Skills by Steven M. Watts, and A View From The Past: Experience and Experiment in Primitive Technology by Scott Jones.

• Primitive Technology I: A Book of Earth Skills by David Wescott - available at $25 + P&H

• Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills by David Wescott - available at $25 + P&H

• Practicing Primitive: A Handbook of Aboriginal Skills By Steven M. Watts - available at $25 + S&H 

• A View From The Past: Experience and Experiment in Primitive Technology by Scott Jones.


We are also very proud to support the efforts of Advisory Board Member Paul Douglas Campbell with his publication of three landmark books in the field of Experimental Archaeology. All three books are avilable at


      • Survival Skills of Native California

      • Earth Pigments and Paint of the California Indians: Meaning and Technology

      • The Universal Tool Kit: Out of Africa to Native California

We started publishing compilations of our Bulletin articles in 1999 when issues 1-12 went out of print. PT I was our first book and has been widely acclaimed and continues to be a leading title in the field.  PT II is a companion compilation which allowed us to offer all of the articles from Bulletins 1-12 in two handy volumes. We next compiled Practicing Primitive and A View To The Past by two of our former Society of Primitive Technology presidents, Steve Watts and Scott Jones. PT I  & II and Practicing Primitive are available directly from the Bulletin shopping cart for $25 plus shipping and handling. A View to The Past  is available from

While the Society of Primitive Technology was operating, it authorized the production of two special publications by Founding President, Errett Callahan - Old Rag Archeology: Experimentation and Excavation and  The Cahokia Pit House Project: A Case Study in Reconstructive Archeology. Both books are available only in CD format with a short synopsis cover book. If you are interested in either of these titles, please contact the Bulletin of Primitive Technology. 

Experimental Archaeology

Books on CD

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