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Learn primitive skills from the

best teachers - that's Rabbitstick

September 12-18, 2021

Keeping Traditions Alive!

Don't do Paypal?  That's OK, lots of people feel the same way. Simply send another form of payment to the address listed on the Contact page, e-mail us, or give us a call, and we can handle your registration over the phone. We embrace all forms of communication - sort of; sorry no Twitter or Snap Chat - but we do have a Facebook page where you can drop us a note.


Often Copied- Never Duplicated

Learn what a Backtracks gathering is like - 

Rabbitstick Staff 2017, Idaho

"Rabbitstick is the Mother Church

of Primitive Technology"

Steve Watts, Past President of the Society of Primitive Technology



Rabbitstick Primitive Skills Gathering, held the 3rd week of September in ID, is the premier Backtracks event. Rabbitstick is the oldest of all of the modern primitive skills events and has been the model for most of the events currently running worldwide. Each year we host nearly 150 instructional and support staff who provide a camp with hands-on classes that run 9am-5pm for 5 days for about 400 registered participants. This is an uparralelled opportunity to learn skills and get to know teachers that you can trust.  Visit our new website - - for complete event and registration details.
















  Backtracks has assembled one of the largest and most complete rosters of primitive skils teachers and practitioners available anywhere. Backtracks is your source for the best instructional staff you'll find at any event.  Join Us !

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