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The Original Primitive Skills Gathering

Backtracks revived Rabbitstick in 1988, continuing the tradition created by Larry Dean Olsen and Richard Jamison in 1975. The initial event drew many of  the originators of today's popular survival/primitive skills movement in the US. Today, Rabbitstick is still the event that attracts leaders in the field who wish to share and learn from others at an international gathering. Rabbitstick has fostered the development of over 30 gatherings that now span the globe. Come join us to meet and learn from people you have known about on TV or on-line, but would like to meet face to face.

David Wescott, Dick Jamison and Larry Olsen, 1990.

Not discounting the amazing efforts of those who have been the leaders of the field for over 4 decades - people who have dedicated their entire careers to the mastery and teaching of primitive skills - the current trend in high-profile exposure through "Survival TV" and the internet, has created a whole new generation of "celebrities" that have brought a contemporary wave of attention to the field of primitive living skills. 

Cat Bigney interviews just some of her many TV contemporaries who were at Rabbitstick 2016.

An informal gathering to discuss the current state of "survival TV"

at Rabbitstick 2016.

Dual Survival
Dude You're Screwed
Mountain Men
No Man's Land
Primal Survival
The Great Human Race
Live Free or Die!
Bushcraft Build-Off
and more.
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